Your 2020 vision…

Embark on your career transition with clarity & purpose


So often we come to the January New Year with high hopes and intentions for change, but we’re not ready for it.

We haven’t done the introspection and acquired the self-knowledge needed to hit the ground running — to leap into action based on a stronger, deeper foundation.

This coaching and home study package is an opportunity to prepare yourself this fall with the clarity needed to foster productive and meaningful action in the New Year of 2020.



Photo by   Allef Vinicius   via Unsplash

Photo by Allef Vinicius via Unsplash


Working with Sarah helped me get clear on my goals by tapping into my creativity and exploring what I really wanted out of life and a career. I'm taking away a renewed sense of purpose and clarity around my goals and vision for living a fulfilling and happy life.

— Nikki N.

Is this program for you?

This program is for women who are starting to seriously contemplate making a change in their work lives.

It’s for smart, creative, purpose-driven individuals who are thinking about doing any of the following over the course of the next year or two:

  • looking for a new job

  • returning to the workplace

  • changing or pivoting careers

  • starting a business or social venture

  • retiring or scaling back their work

  • pursuing their creative passions more

  • growing in their leadership

  • running for office

  • getting more involved in civic, social, or political change

The 2020 Vision program with Sarah Beller, founder and coach at Realize Change, could be a great fit for you if one or more of these statements ring true:

  • You feel somewhat stifled or stuck, like you’re not using your full talent and potential, but you’re not quite sure how to break out of the box you’re currently in.

  • You care deeply about what’s going on in your community, city, country, and the larger world around you. You’re often distressed when you see the news, but feel overwhelmed and unsure what to do about it.

  • You do meaningful work that you believe in but still feel like your life and work are out of alignment.

  • You want to build on your professional successes up to this point and bring more of your most authentic, most powerful, most alive self into what you do.

  • You sometimes think about your legacy, and the impact you most want to make in the time that you have.

  • You’re tired of molding yourself to the expectations of others, and ready to start saying YES to the voice inside of YOU.

How it works

The 2020 Vision program consists of two distinct parts:

  • AUTUMN | October through December 2019: You’ll receive a home study package that clearly and powerfully walks you through the introspection you need to do before taking action in the New Year.

    What do you want? What do you NOT want? What would your “career nirvana” look like, at the intersection of your passions and purpose, strengths and needs? What are your options, and which are most worthwhile to pursue?

    You’ll dig into questions like these through the reflection exercises provided. Throughout the fall, you’ll go at your own pace, on your own schedule — no webinars, meetings, or deadlines.

    Check out the curriculum overview below for more information.

  • WINTER | January through March 2020: Ready to hit the ground running, you’ll receive accelerated coaching with Sarah. This includes:

    • 3 private coaching sessions per month for 3 months, totaling 9 sessions dedicated to you and your personal / professional growth

    • Each session is one hour long and takes place virtually over video conference or phone

    • Coaching sessions are tailored to what’s most important and alive for you — balancing structure and spontaneity

    • Resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn page review, if applicable

    • Email support for your questions and updates in between sessions. Note that full email support starts in January. This fall, I (Sarah) will be available by text to answer clarifying questions about the home study materials, as I’ll be on maternity leave and have my hands full with my newborn!

    • Discounts on webinars, workshops, and other opportunities that take place during your coaching term

    • Celebration call and program feedback

This is an opportunity to do the inner and outer work that will enable you to move forward boldly and authentically into your next career chapter — so that you can make a positive difference in the world while feeling fulfilled and aligned.

The three sides of the Realize Change wave:  Beneath the Surface | Cresting | Making a Splash

The three sides of the Realize Change wave:

Beneath the Surface | Cresting | Making a Splash


Sarah guided me intentionally to reflect deeply on blocks I didn't even know I had that were standing in the way of my own success. I felt incredibly safe to explore vulnerable parts of myself with her, and I left each session with a sense of clarity about how to turn the experience of internal exploration into tangible action steps. Having Sarah as my coach was critical for me to get out of my rut of feeling stuck and into a world where I put one foot in front of the other and make progress toward my dreams.

— Kelsey V.


Sarah is such a clarifying breath of fresh air! When I was overwhelmed with my own internal indecision, her questions, patience and guidance helped me get laser focused on how to prioritize my next step. Our conversation has had a positive ripple effect of keeping my business aligned to my vision and mission to serve. I highly recommend her brilliance!

— Nina E.

What you’ll get out of it

My hope and intention is that you will come away with new energy, insight, and concrete progress toward realizing your most authentic, exciting, and impactful life and work.

Depending on your unique situation and goals, that could mean:

  • Gaining clarity about what kind of job you want next, and making progress toward landing it

  • Getting un-stuck from limiting thoughts and beliefs that have been keeping you from exploring and pursuing your dream career, creative project, side hustle, or leadership role

  • Owning your strengths, passions, power, and potential in a whole new way and putting them out there more

  • Speaking up more boldly from your deep conviction and insight, and making more of an impact on your organization or community

  • Establishing new habits and structures in your life that enable you to live in closer alignment with your values and goals, without burning out

At the start of the program, you will fill out a questionnaire about where you’re at and where you’d like to go. Then you’ll use the home study materials at your own pace to get clear on what you want and what you bring to the table. Based on your individual goals, we’ll co-create a plan for the winter coaching sessions that will help you make the progress you desire.


I’d love to have a conversation with you and hear more about where you’re at, where you’re looking to go, and what kinds of support would be helpful for you to get there.

Photo by Vernée Norman

Photo by Vernée Norman

Meet your coach

I am a coach, facilitator, musician, and entrepreneur who loves to inspire and empower people to create a more just world.

Over the past decade, I have devoted my career to building movements that take bold, strategic, and passionate action in the face of some of the most pressing issues of our time, including the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the global refugee crisis. I've seen these movements harness remarkable power when they're deeply rooted in who we are — our stories, identities, values, and convictions.

In other words, when we are being our most authentic selves, we make the most substantial impact.

Seeking to do just that, at each intersection in my professional journey I've asked myself a few questions: What does the world need right now? What will I learn a lot from and really enjoy doing? And how can I make the most impact?

These questions have led me to amazing places, like:

  • convening 3,000 people at a pro-diplomacy conference addressed by then-Vice President Joe Biden

  • organizing hundreds of millennials to rally for refugees and to protest the travel ban by publicly telling their family stories of coming to America

  • performing at the Women’s March with SongRise, the women's social justice a cappella group I co-founded in 2009, which was recently recognized in the Washington City Paper's Best of DC list

A year ago, these questions led me to launch Realize Change.

What does the world need right now? Empowered, creative, badass women pursuing their visions for a more just world, with fierce and full hearts.

What will I learn a lot from and really enjoy doing? Opening up space for you to connect with your sense of purpose and make your vision a reality.

And how can I make the most impact? By helping you make your greatest impact.

Born in Philadelphia, PA, and raised in New Haven, CT, I hold a bachelors degree in Social Anthropology from Harvard University and a masters degree in International Peace and Conflict Resolution from American University.

A 2017 recipient of Avodah’s Partners in Justice Award, I am trained in dialogue facilitation, community organizing, adult education, and management. I am currently pursuing coach certification through Presence-Based Coaching and the International Coach Federation.

When I'm not obsessing over how to pursue a more just world, I enjoy biking, writing original songs, walking around in nature, dancing with my kiddo after dinner, and taking time for quiet and creativity.

Sarah is driven by a deep passion for making the world a better place. She has a gift of seeing the light in others and helping them to draw out their unique qualities. In her recent course, we delved deeply into ourselves to identify our passions and callings. I found the experience to be deeply transformative.

— Becky W.

Curriculum overview

Here is an overview of the home study modules you’ll receive in the fall. I recommend that you start by digging into Modules I and II. You can draw on the resources in Modules III and IV at any time or pace that suits you.

I. Sparking Change: What You Want to be Different in 6 Months

  • Questionnaire & Goals for the Coaching Program

  • 6 Month Visualization & Vision Chart

  • Centering Practice

II. Envisioning Your Career Nirvana: Finding the Sweet Spot

  • Exploring Your Passions

  • Connecting with Your Purpose

  • Identifying Your Strengths

  • Articulating Your Needs

  • The Intersection of Your Passions, Purpose, Strengths, Needs

III. Clarifying Your Options: Planning and Decision Tools

  • Mapping Out Different Scenarios

  • What You Really Want in a Future Opportunity

  • What Would Need to Change to Stay at My Job?

  • And More

IV. Optional Resources & Reading

  • Suggested Book List

  • Suggested Video, Movie, and Webinar List

Ready to learn more?

Let’s have a conversation and see if the 2020 Vision program is the right fit for you.