Sarah is an amazing coach, and I’m so grateful to have crossed paths with her! She helped me develop the ability to listen to my inner wisdom, reconnect with my strengths, and get more clarity on the type of roles I want to pursue in order to achieve the large scale social impact I deeply care about. She also enabled me to join an extraordinary community of women changemakers, which makes the whole coaching journey even more invaluable. Sarah truly honors my person and purpose and supports me in actualizing my goals. I cannot recommend her enough!

— Nadia s.

As my coach, Sarah guided me intentionally to reflect deeply on blocks I didn't even know I had that were standing in the way of my own success. I felt incredibly safe to explore vulnerable parts of myself with her, and I left each session with a sense of clarity about how to turn the experience of internal exploration into tangible action steps. Having Sarah as my coach was critical for me to get out of my rut of feeling stuck and into a world where I put one foot in front of the other and make progress toward my dreams.

— Kelsey V.


Working with Sarah helped me get clear on my goals by tapping into my creativity and exploring what I really wanted out of life and a career. I'm taking away a renewed sense of purpose and clarity around my goals and vision for living a fulfilling and happy life.

— Nikki N.


I joined Sarah's program because I found myself in a rut and feeling stuck in my career. I was having a hard time envisioning what I truly wanted to do with my work career and felt so insecure about what I truly desired out of my life. Sarah's coaching program really helped me reconnect with myself and my overall goals and aspirations. The action steps, homework, and resources she shared really helped me to feel more secure in taking the first steps to change my career and go after what I truly want out of my life. I feel that my time with her and the confidence I've gained in reaching my aspirations were invaluable!

— Nadia W.

I appreciate that Sarah is grounded and practical as a coach while encouraging her clients to be bold and visionary. I loved the groundings that allowed me to be more present during each session and the future visioning exercises that brought clarity to long-nurtured ideas and ambitions. I would definitely recommend working with Sarah if you are looking for a change or just need help articulating what you want to achieve as a changemaker.

— Courtney K.

Sarah was wonderful to work with, and I benefited immensely from my coaching experience with her: I feel more grounded, more creative, more confident, and have more professional direction than before. Sarah is an active listener who asks thoughtful questions that encourage growth and meaningful engagement.

— Yael K.

No matter where you are in starting your venture, having a supportive, thoughtful, intuitive person to guide you through the process and identify issues you're having is really valuable. Sarah helped me recognize my strengths, needs, and fears that were keeping me from achieving my goals.

— Emma K.

Sarah is such a clarifying breath of fresh air! When I was overwhelmed with my own internal indecision, her questions, patience and guidance helped me get laser focused on how to prioritize my next step. Our conversation has had a positive ripple effect of keeping my business aligned to my vision and mission to serve. I highly recommend her brilliance!


Sarah's calm, supportive presence and effective coaching tools helped me find clarity around the issues blocking me from living my best life. I now have a clearer vision of what I want and don't want in my career, and my life!

— Miriam B.

I highly recommend working with Sarah! She is a talented and compassionate coach who created a warm, open, and spacious place for possibilities and new perspectives to abound. Sarah’s patience and non-judgmental nature offered an opportunity for me to explore new and intriguing areas and go deeper into self-discovery and development. Always kind, she asked thought-provoking questions and made constructive observations, which consistently led to even greater possibilities and spaciousness. Sarah’s belief in me inspired me to believe more in myself… something for which I will be forever grateful.

— Margaret M.

Working with Sarah was very valuable. A great balance between visioning and tangible, practical guidance. I appreciated the exercises and tools that have helped me to focus more on my future.

— ALlison R.

Sarah is driven by a deep passion for making the world a better place. She has lived this value through her personal and professional life, working to help vulnerable individuals and communities. Sarah has a gift of seeing the light in others and helping them to draw out their unique qualities. In her recent course, we delved deeply into ourselves to identify our passions and callings. I found the experience to be deeply transformative. I highly recommend her services to anyone who is seeking to become a social change agent or to further their work for social change.

— Becky W.

Today was a wonderful reminder of why being held and empowered in a space is so important. Whether we’re doing deep and vulnerable work or the tedious, having a sense of belonging and welcoming is essential to sustaining, well, anything. Sarah started this casual co-working day for fellow women entrepreneurs, and we spent the afternoon connecting over shared interests and challenges and tapping away on our keyboards like the bosses we are.

— Alison W.

Sarah got us so in touch with our strengths in such a positive and supportive way... I  remain buoyed by the class weeks later!

— Course participant

Sarah helped give me the tools and confidence to succeed at what I was striving for. I felt supported, grounded, and hopeful.

— elizabeth R.

You have pushed me — and everyone around you — to be my very best. You never once doubted my potential, and you encouraged me to carve my own path.

— Sammi S.


I see great thoughtfulness in your planning and in your interactions, serious competence, quiet confidence, and enthusiasm that gets others enthused.

— Jess G.


Thank you for gently pushing me to take on more leadership and build confidence in my capabilities. And thank you for your constant care, concern, patience, and thoughtfulness.

— Miya C.

You always lend a listening ear and make it apparent that you value others’ opinions. You take time to think about and articulate what you have to say. I found that by chatting with you, I learned how to gather my own thoughts.

— Natalie M. 

You bring such groundedness and integrity, song and spirit to all you do.

— Jennie R.


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