What’s in a Wave?

When I first painted the logo for my coaching practice, I thought I was going to call it Realize. But soon I realized that there were already tons of organizations out there called Realize!

So it became Realize Change, because my mission is to support women in creating positive change in their lives and in the world. And I added a wave to capture a sense of powerful forward momentum – reminiscent of a triangular delta, which signifies change – in the color orange for the fire of moral conviction that motivates our pursuit of a better world.

The wave has three sides: the part beneath the surface, the part that’s rushing forward and cresting, and the face of the wave that’s ready to make a splash. I see these three stages reflected in the way that I empower women to do the inner and outer work of realizing change. Here’s a bit more about the “special sauce” that I bring to my coaching programs.

– Sarah


Beneath the Surface

Create conditions for growth


Space & Time for You to Be Deeply Heard & Seen

Life can be so hectic, and it’s easy to get caught up in “go go go, do do do” mode. This program enables you to carve out the space and time you need to be fully present to your personal and professional growth. I am trained in Presence-Based Coaching and provide you with a deeply present, spacious environment to learn, grow, and make the progress that can often feel elusive in the hubbub of daily life.


Come as You Are & Bring Your Whole Self

Tired of networking and career events that feel superficial, where you’re supposed to come across as shiny and impressive? This space is different, so you won’t feel pressure to check part of yourself at the door. Feeling vulnerable? Got cracks? We all do, that’s how the light gets in! Your career doesn’t exist in a silo, it’s part of your life – I take a holistic approach and honor you as a whole person.


Let Go of Perfectionism, Imposter Syndrome & Self-Judgment

Without a doubt, there are significant external obstacles and barriers to women pursuing our dreams and realizing the change we want to see in the world. And at the same time, we all face inner blocks that hold us back – like fear of failure, fear of showing off, self-doubt, perfectionism, limiting money beliefs, and others. I am here to support you in uncovering and dealing with these constructively so you can get un-stuck, break through, and move forward.

Establish Routines & Rituals that Support You & Your Energy

No matter how awesome your job, if your self-care is out of whack or non-existent, you’re likely to burn out quickly. Especially in a creative, self-driven lifestyle, it can be important to build in routines, habits and rituals that give structure to your day and honor your cycles of exertion and rest. You’ll have a chance to develop and try out routines that fit into your life and help you be your strongest self (as a human, not superwoman!).


Strive to Be a Conscious, Positive Force for Justice & Inclusion

What do I mean by waking? I’m talking about the ongoing process of getting “woke” – in other words, aware of and acting constructively in the face of systems of oppression and privilege that disproportionately affect marginalized groups of people. While “woke” is a destination, “waking” is a journey, best approached with a sense of responsibility, respect, curiosity, resilience, and compassion.



Cresting Wave

Unleash Your Superpower

Tap into Your Inner Resources through Mind & Body, Heart & Soul

Becoming a more resourceful, resilient, intuitive, and agile version of yourself takes practice – like building a muscle. Practices like mindfulness, self-compassion, gratitude, visualization, affirmations, and movement can create new neural pathways, beliefs, and habits that support who you are becoming.


Know Your Strengths & Claim Your Agency

Some career counseling services will tell you “what you should be when you grow up” or dole out advice on how to get ahead in your field. But the way I see it, you’re the only one who can sit in the driver’s seat of your life, so I coach in a way that recognizes and respects your sense of agency throughout the process. I take a strengths-based approach, helping you learn about your authentic gifts through self-reflection, assessments, and asking people who’ve seen you in action.


Kindle Your Creative Spark

“The world needs more people who have come alive,” said civil rights leader Howard Thurman. To make the impact only you can make, it is vital to nurture and unleash your creative spirit. Whether your authentic creativity looks like art, music, writing, performance, cooking, social innovation, community building, or other forms of expression, this is a safe space to affirm it, explore it, and cultivate it.


Give Yourself Permission to Dream & Get Clear on What You Really Want

How often do you get a chance to really imagine the future you desire? To see it, hear it, feel it in your gut? When you have the space to dream a little, and to sort out the “must-haves” and “nice-to-haves” of your next chapter, you can approach that future with much greater clarity, commitment, and ease.



Make a Splash

Realize the Change You Wish to See

Take Concrete Steps that Move You Forward

Change doesn’t come from reflection alone – it has to be paired with action. By identifying and taking action steps that will really help propel you forward toward your vision, you will see real results. Action planning and compassionate accountability are baked into every step of the coaching programs.


What the World Needs from You & How You Will Answer the Call

What pisses you off? What do you see going on around you that just shouldn’t be that way? Your social justice values and convictions fuel the work that you do in the world. By understanding and articulating your ethical “pilot light,” you can be an even more powerful force for justice, sustainability, and compassion in a world that direly needs more of these.


Put Yourself Out There So You Can Be of Service

If you don’t let people see you and your brilliance, how will they know how awesome you are and how you could help them solve problems and fill important gaps? Building on your inner work, you can make your authentic self, story, and strengths visible without feeling icky about “personal branding” or self-promotion.


Build Relationships that Enrich Your Journey

You are not alone, and your professional journey is not happening in a vacuum. Whatever path you are on, there are allies, connectors, and mentors out there for you. Through gatherings, group programs, and introductions to potential collaborators, I create an environment of authentic community, inclusiveness, and mutual empowerment.