Make the difference only you can make.



Our mission is to unleash the power of women, and gender non-binary individuals, to create a more just world. Through individual and group coaching, workshops and events, we create a space for you to figure out what you want to do with your life and make it happen.


We want to see a world where every person matters and flourishes in her sacred dignity. Where each human being has the opportunity to thrive, experience joy and wonder, let her authentic light shine, and contribute soulfully toward realizing the potential for a just, peaceful, and sustainable world.

Is that too much to ask??

Why Now?

It doesn't take much more than a glance at the news each morning to feel acutely aware of how broken the world is. Crises and suffering are pervasive, leaders fall short of our hopes and even basic expectations, and the causes we believe in seem to be losing ground faster each day.

At a time like this, our society is in dire need of fresh perspectives, new solutions to old problems, and the courage and energy to make them happen. Where will the ideas and innovation come from?

We believe in the potential of women to realize positive social change.

As women, we often encounter stumbling blocks on our way to discovering our true passions, developing our wildest ideas, and unleashing our most authentic leadership. When women check a portion of their potential at the door, how badly is society missing out?

What could it look like for every woman to embrace and pursue the change-making that calls her?

We'd like to find out, and we hope you do too.


We would love to connect if you're looking to:

  • discover the next chapter in your career

  • step into your own power and leadership

  • unlock your creativity

  • find better work-life balance while making an impact

  • transition toward a meaning-filled retirement

  • innovate for positive social change

So that we can pursue our focused mission, coaching with Realize Change is open to all who identify as women and to gender non-binary individuals.

Men, you're awesome too! If you're looking for a coach, check out the International Coach Federation. And you're welcome to get in touch with us and receive our updates as part of our broader community.